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Earthmoving and Excavation work carries medium risk, a claim may arise if your work results in an injury or property damage to a third-party. This could be caused by someone getting injured on site. This could also occur if a third party’s property or equipment gets damaged, due to your error. Liability Insurance is a must-have cover for a profession such as this, as the majority of claims from Earthmoving companies come from third party injury or property damage.

Providing you a quote for your Earthmoving/ Excavation Public Liability Insurance is very straight-forward, with us taking all of the hard work out of shopping around for competitive insurance quotes. We pride ourselves on providing leading quotes and policies from Australia’s leading insurers.

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    Earthmoving Insurance Claims


    What Do I Need to Know

    For a trades person operating or contracting with an Earthmoving Company, the most claimed on insurance product is Public Liability Insurance. The next being Workers Compensation / Employer’s Liability. Public Liability Insurance is crucial to ensure that you business has protection in place against Third Party Property Damage and/ or Injury claims.

    Thirdly is Motor Insurance. Loading and unloading risk, as well as collision or overturn with hired-in trucks or equipment can present a sizeable risk if the driver has inadequate training or is distracted while driving.


    What Causes the Most Claims for an Earthmoving Business

    There are a few common causes of claims. Typically these claims will trigger your Public Liability Insurance policy. However it is always advised to check with your broker if you are unsure whether or not your Public Liability policy has any exclusions that may affect your cover.

    Although the risk at the office is fairly low, there is a large exposure while working out on site that something could go wrong. For Earthmoving and Excavation, These commonly include; risk of traffic accidents, unauthorised access, use of explosives, demolition work, collapse of structures etc.

    There is also a risk of liability to sub-contractors, vicarious liability for subcontractors. There is also the risk of damage to customer or other third party equipment.


    What can I do to Protect my Business against possible Claims?

    Speak to your insurance broker regularly. This is important to make sure that your information is still up to date. It is also important that you call your broker to make sure that you have the appropriate insurances in place to protect you and your business in the event of a third party claim.

    As insurance brokers, we have experience working with Earthmoving and Excavation businesses Australia wide to help them find the right cover for their business.

    If you need cover for a work ute, truck, or Excavation Plant and Equipment. Visit our Commercial Motor page to find out more information about Commercial Motor Insurance. We can cover from a single vehicle to a fleet of trucks. Enter your details at the bottom of the page and one of our brokers will be in contact with you.

    For more information relating to staying safe at work, please click here to go to the Safe Work Australia website’s article about Excavation works.