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Demolition and Asbestos Removal Business Insurance Brokers

Fortune Insurance Brokers are your demolition business insurance brokering experts. We have spent years specialising in providing quick and competitive insurance quotes from Australia’s top Business Insurance Underwriters for Public Liability Insurance, Asbestos Liability, Personal Accident, Commercial Vehicle and Plant and more.

Here at Fortune Insurance Brokers, we have an abundance of experience when it comes to supporting demolition contractors and businesses by providing multiple quotes for their business insurances. In order to help you make the correct choice for your company. With our experienced team, we understand the needs of both small and large demolition and Asbestos removal companies across Australia.

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    Why insure my demolition company with an insurance broker

    Fortune Business Insurance Brokers are committed to providing high quality service to our business insurance clients. Contact us today for multiple obligation free quotes. and discuss your business insurance needs with one of our business insurance brokers. Additionally, as insurance brokers, we have compiled data regarding what insurances you are likely to claim on. Equally, what the most common causes of these claims are. In order to help you to reduce the chances of your business being at risk of a possible insurance claim. For more information give us a call on 1300 859 381 and request a Risk Analysis for your industry. As this is a complimentary service, to give you a better idea of of what to watch out for in your industry. With this in mind, this information is subject to the below General Advice Warning.

    This advice is general and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is suitable for you and your personal circumstances. (If relevant: Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product. You should obtain and read the relevant product disclosure statement).


    What do I need to Know about insuring my Demolition business

    Firstly, it is crucial that you understand that there is a difference between Public Liability Insurance and Asbestos Liability Insurance. It is critical to never assume that Asbestos Removal will be included under your Public Liability Insurance policy without consulting your broker.
    Furthermore, when it comes to your industry, the top 3 claimed on insurances are Public Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Property Damage.

    That being said, there is other risky exposures such as unintentional or intentional interaction with asbestos by the insured. Provided that this could result in potential large claims if the asbestos has been mishandled injuring 3rd parties on site, or 3rd parties while in transit to a safe location to dispose of the asbestos. Ask one of our brokers for a quote to cover asbestos removal if this is part of your business activities.

    The majority of demolition companies will employ 20 people or less, have in-house fuel supplies, and will usually have facilities to garage heavy equipment and perform maintenance which can house flammable chemicals and increase risk of fires. So it is crucial to have the correct Demolition insurance policies in place.

    Considering visitors aren’t going to be on your premises often, the main public liability exposure will be when you’re out on site. The use of explosives, collapsing of structures and flying debris are all main claim occurrences of demolition. While bodily injury is one of the most claimed on aspects of demolition insurance. Likewise, contaminated material (likely asbestos) within the vicinity of the site is also a main contributor. So making sure you have the correct public liability insurance policy in place is essential.

    Are you working in the Demolition industry and are looking for more ways to reduce risk on site? Then please click here to go to Safe Work Australia.