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Accident and Sickness Insurance Quotes

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance provides a weekly benefit sum in the event that you are unable to work and earn an income due to either a sickness or accident/injury.

Critically, finding the right accident insurance policy is crucial to many Australian income earners way of life. Because without the correct insurance, you could be placing your income and the well being of your family at risk if you are not insured correctly. Furthermore, your claim could be declined, and may leave you and your family in a rough situation.

We specialise in providing both personal and group accident and sickness policies, and can provide you with quotes for both Accident/ Injury cover, and Combined Accident/ Injury and Sickness policies. As an added benefit, for the majority of Accident or Sickness Insurance policies we offer, you do not need to prove your income to make a claim.

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What you need to know about Accident Insurance

Whether you need just a basic accident insurance policy to get on site. Or if you require something more tailored, we can help.

If you are looking for more tailored cover, the insurers we use have additional covers they can provide to you. Below you can see a few examples of additional covers we can provide.

Sickness Cover Extension – Firstly, this optional benefit increases the cover to include a Weekly Sickness Benefit, as well as the Weekly Injury Benefit that you would receive from the policy.

Capital Benefits Extension – Secondly, this optional extension provides you with additional Injury Benefits. This extension typically includes additional Benefits in the event of loss of a limb, total disability or death.

Business Expenses Extension – Lastly, this optional extension provides you with cover up to a predetermined amount for Business Expenses that have been accrued. However, this would only apply to you if you were to sustain total disability for a certain amount of time.