Cover from claims for third-party property damage, or third-party injury caused by your negligence.

Public Liability

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Public Liability Insurance Quotes

We provide Public Liability Insurance quotes for small and medium businesses Australia wide. Public Liability Insurance offers cover from claims made against you or your business for third-party property damage, or third-party injury caused by your negligence.

We have a wide range of different insurers that offer Public Liability Insurance quotes so we can find the best insurer for you.


There are a range of different situations that could result in a Public Liability insurance claim. We have included a few examples below to give you a better idea of what is typically covered under a Public Liability Insurance policy.

– A window cleaner is cleaning windows, and his bucket falls off the platform and hits someone below, causing an injury to a passerby.

– A tree lopper cuts down a tree and it falls on to the roof of a neighbouring house.

– A cleaner is cleaning an office and accidentally knocks an expensive vase off a shelf, causing it to break.


Why insure your business with a broker?

As your broker, our job is to help you find the best cover for you and your business, as well as handling your claims, and comparing the market every year to ensure you still have the best cover, and making sure that your policy details remain accurate and up to date.


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