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If you are in the business of Landscaping, lawn mowing and/or garden maintenance you may already have a good idea of the risks associated with your occupation. Rocks flicking up whilst mowing a lawn happen all too often resulting in broken windows and injured bystanders if the right precautions aren’t taken beforehand. This is why Public liability Insurance is essential as it will generally cover 3rd party property damage or injury resulting from carrying out your work.

Even if you have the highest standards of safety, unforeseen circumstances can still occur. This is why protecting your landscaping business with Public Liability Insurance is a fantastic idea as the last thing you’d want is the business you’ve built to come crumbling down due to something outside of your control.

You could have 30+ years experience in this line of work, understanding the ins and outs of the business and still have one of your casual or inexperienced workers cause something to go wrong on the job site. 

Another major problem is stolen tools. I’m sure we all know someone who’s had their tools pinched from a job site. Tools Cover / General Property Insurance combined with Public Liability, will give you a good basis for protecting your landscaping / garden maintenance business you’ve worked so hard to create and sustain.

If you are providing Professional services as part of your day to day business dealings, or sign off on completed work, you may have exposure to risk if you make an error. This is where Professional Indemnity Insurance comes in. Professional Indemnity (or PI) is insurance provided on the advice you provide as part of your services. An example of how this may affect you and your business would be if the designs that you either created, or the work you have signed off on has an error that you could be held negligible for.

Contact our team at Fortune Insurance Brokers if you would like more information on the risks associated with landscaping, lawn mowing and garden maintenance, and the insurance products that will best suit your business.

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What types of Business Insurance are there?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability protects you and your business from claims made against you for third party property damage or injury caused by your negligence.
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from claims that arise based off professional advice you have provided.
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Business Property Insurance

Business Property insurance provides cover for your premises, as well as your stock and contents. Cover for Theft, Glass, Money etc. also can be added to a Business Property policy. For more information click here.

General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance provides cover for your tools of trade, and portable items that are needed as part of your work.
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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides cover for your utes, cars, trucks and heavy plant etc. that you use for your business.
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