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Electrical contractors have a complex and difficult job. With a wide range of risks from faulty products, to the incorrect installation of wiring, there is generally high risk exposure for things to go wrong on the job site. As an electrician, you may already be aware that there will be few visitors to the job site, which helps keep the risk of injuries to third parties low. There is however, a higher chance of causing third party property damage to the premises in which you are conducting your work. 

As with most trade jobs, there’s always the chance of causing property damage inside the customer’s home. You could be bringing your work equipment inside, knocking over a $10,000 vase, a new TV or you could even put a hole in the wall. Even if you’ve been in the industry for decades, there’s still the chance of learning apprentices or young casual workers accidentally causing a problem you know you’d never cause. 

Public Liability will generally cover third property damage or injury caused whilst carrying out your works, this is why it’s always essential to carry this insurance to cover your business. 

Did you know that in QLD all electricians are required to carry consumer protection insurance? The access to our insurers and underwriters makes combining the two an extremely simple process. 

How about your tools? We’ve all seen multiple cases where tools have been pinched from the job site while you’re working inside someone’s roof, leaving you without the equipment you need to sustain your livelihood. Having General Property Insurance will keep your mind at ease, so you can know for a fact that you will still be able to continue your work without it costing you an arm and a leg just to get new tools. 

Contact our team at Fortune Insurance Brokers if you would like more information on the risks associated with electrical contractors and electricians and the insurance products that will best suit your business.

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What types of Business Insurance are there?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability protects you and your business from claims made against you for third party property damage or injury caused by your negligence.
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from claims that arise based off professional advice you have provided.
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Business Property Insurance

Business Property insurance provides cover for your premises, as well as your stock and contents. Cover for Theft, Glass, Money etc. also can be added to a Business Property policy. For more information click here.

General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance provides cover for your tools of trade, and portable items that are needed as part of your work.
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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides cover for your utes, cars, trucks and heavy plant etc. that you use for your business.
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