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If you’re a carpenter who works either on site or at a workshop, Public Liability Insurance is a must-have cover to protect you and your business from any potential claims against you for third-party injury or property damage, caused due to the negligence of either yourself or employees working on your behalf. As a carpenter, the most likely cause of a claim is due to property damage. Due to the existence of wood, sawdust, adhesives, solvents, and stains etc. means that the risk of fire exposure is very high. Public Liability Insurance along with property cover on your workshop would ensure that you would be covered for the most likely aspects of risk for your occupation.

Other major risks to a carpenters business arise from the following; high job turnover, the use of inexperienced or casual help, heavy work pace pressure, and the constantly changing and unfamiliar job sites are just a few of the reported causes of claims in the carpentry industry. There are also additional risks associated with working in the carpentry industry, some of which, such as drilling, chipping, and cutting, generate dust which may cause respiratory issues. These issues may include silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer or renal disease. The best way to avoid these potential issues would be to ensure that there is adequate dust control, adequate fit testing of respiratory protective equipment, and ensuring suitable health monitoring of workers. We also offer Personal Accident and Sickness insurance policies, which would help provide an income while you are off work recovering. In addition we offer Group Accident and Sickness policies that can cover a specified group, such as your employees, or additional directors, all under one policy.

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What types of Business Insurance are there?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability protects you and your business from claims made against you for third party property damage or injury caused by your negligence.
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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from claims that arise based off professional advice you have provided.
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Business Property Insurance

Business Property insurance provides cover for your premises, as well as your stock and contents. Cover for Theft, Glass, Money etc. also can be added to a Business Property policy. For more information click here.

General Property Insurance

General Property Insurance provides cover for your tools of trade, and portable items that are needed as part of your work.
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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides cover for your utes, cars, trucks and heavy plant etc. that you use for your business.
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