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Naturally, Fire & Security alarm installation contractors have a large product liability exposure. This typically arising from retailing and installing alarm hardware products, including replacement parts. Above all, as an Alarm Installer you should always ensure that the product or material supplied and installed are compliant with Australian Quality Standards. As well as what is nominated in the approved plans, and ensure that the products are fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also important to ensure that your licensing is correct and up to date. For more information click here.

Furthermore, this makes Public and Products Liability a must-have for your occupation. This is because faulty work could lead to claims for thefts or criminal acts committed at the customers premises. Including which could or should have been prevented by the security system. Critically, there is also the possibility of property damage or loss of life caused by a faulty fire system not operating correctly. For example, sprinkler systems not operating, or an alarm failing to sound.

If you run a company that has employees carry out the installation and maintenance of fire or security systems, having a Workers Compensation policy in place is essential. Employees risk injury from falls from heights, exposure to dusty environments, back / muscle strains. As well as respiratory problems caused by inhaling chemicals, or from treating on nails or other sharp objects while on site.

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