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Making sure you have the right air conditioning installer insurance is critical. There’s a few main exposures in the Air Conditioning installation industry ranging from injury to other contractors to theft of tools. So keeping your insurance up to date is crucial. For that reason we have included additional information regarding Air Conditioning Installer Insurance below.

As insurance brokers, we analyse your needs as a client, and compare policies through our network of insurers and underwriters.

Likewise, we understand that finding an air conditioning installer insurance policy that suits you isn’t easy. Naturally, as a client, you want a policy that suits your requirements and budget.

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    What you need to know about Air Conditioning Installer Insurance

    Air conditioning installation service providers have significant product liability exposure arising from defective workmanship or faulty installation. Although claims are rare, when they do come through they are severe. Additionally, there is a high risk from using non-compliant products and materials.

    What are the most common claims?

    There are four types of claims most prevalent within the industry. Firstly, fires and electrocution hazards caused by faulty installation or non-complaint parts. Secondly, water damage to property, or leakage of refrigerants or gas causing serious property damage or personal injury. Thirdly, Business Interruption claims for installations in commercial or industrial properties. Finally, loss of stock or personal injury claims caused by food poisoning arising from faults in refrigeration machinery. For more information on risks of installing air conditioning units, click here.

    Furthermore, this makes Public and Products Liability a must-have for your occupation. This is because faulty work could lead to claims for thefts or criminal acts committed at the customers premises. Including which could or should have been prevented by the security system. Critically, there is also the possibility of property damage or loss of life caused by a faulty fire system not operating correctly. For example, sprinkler systems not operating, or an alarm failing to sound.

    If you run a company that has employees carry out the installation and maintenance of fire or security systems, having a Workers Compensation policy in place is essential. Employees risk injury from falls from heights, exposure to dusty environments, back / muscle strains. As well as respiratory problems caused by inhaling chemicals, or from treating on nails or other sharp objects while on site.